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Rental Property Registration Form

  1. Address

  2. Annual fee of $40 per unit

  3. Owner/Agent information:

    If owner does not reside in Summit County or contiguous county, you must name an agent with an address in summit county or contiguous county.

  4. In accordance with ordinance 65-2009, chapter 1495, by signing below you:

    *Certify that the information provided is accurate and agree to notify the Building Department of any updates.

  5. *Agree to pay the required fees at the time of registration/renewal. Agree that the rental registration valid for a period not to exceed one year from the date of initial registration, and agree to renew the registration within thirty days of expiration.

  6. *Agree that the Property Maintenance Inspector is authorized and directed to make inspections to determine the condition of dwellings, rooming houses and premises with the the City and agree to give the inspector free access to such at all reasonable times upon request.

  7. *Agree that mandatory inspections can ge required based on violation notices/orders in a set time frame and agree to pay the mandatory fee of $125 if such inspections are required.

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