What are the benefits of Gas Aggregation?

As a large buying group, residents participating in an Aggregation have more buying power. The aggregation is in a better position to negotiate favorable pricing and supply terms than what could ordinarily be achieved by any one individual resident.

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1. Who is the natural gas supplier for the City’s program?
2. What are Governmental Natural Gas Aggregation Programs?
3. What are the benefits of Gas Aggregation?
4. What are the different types of Aggregations?
5. What does a community need to do to become an Aggregator?
6. Whom do I call if I have a problem with my natural gas service?
7. How long is the program?
8. Does our community benefit from the program?
9. My friend lives in a nearby community and has a different rate from Constellation than mine. Why?
10. What happens if I’m part of the program and I move?
11. This sounds complex. Is our community qualified to handle such a program?
12. Who should I talk to if these FAQs haven't answered my question?