Ohio Task Force 1


The National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Response System is a framework for organizing federal, state, and local partner emergency response teams as an integrated federal disaster response task forces. The System’s 28 US&R task forces can be deployed by FEMA to a disaster area to provide assistance in structural collapse rescue, or they may be pre-positioned when a major disaster threatens a community. 

Ohio Task Force 1 is one of the nation's 28 US&R teams. Ohio Task Force 1 is based in Dayton Ohio. OH-TF1 proudly serves our state and nation as one of its top Urban Search and Rescue teams. Since 2000, the Barberton Fire Department has had personnel become members of OHTF-1. Our personnel have deployed to multiple disasters:

2001- World Trade Center

2003- Hurricane Isabel

2005- Hurricane Dennis

2005- Hurricane Katrina

2008- Hurricane Gustov

2008- Hurricane Ike

2010- Haiti Earthquake

2010- Ohio National Guard Talon Shield Exercise

2011- National Level Exercise 2011

2011- Hurricane Irene

2016- Hurricane Matthew