Watersheds come in all different shapes and sizes. All water in the watershed goes to the same place. For example, you may have seen a sign on highway 21 saying “Ohio Divide” this means all the water falling North of the watershed sign will end up in Lake Erie, and all the water falling South of the sign will end up in the Ohio River. Watersheds not only cross through a state, but they go through the entire U.S. In other words, there are watersheds in watersheds!

All the water that runs off in Barberton eventually ends up in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Wolf Creek and Hudson Run flow into the Tuscarawas River, the Tuscarawas River joins the Walhonding in Coshocton. The Walhonding flows into the Ohio River, the Ohio River into the Mississippi River and that discharges into the Gulf of Mexico. This means everything we do here to our water effects the water all the way to the ocean!

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