The Barberton Municipal Court has been closely following media reports on the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, and is committed to do its part in combating the spread of this virus. In light of recent developments the Court has implemented the following to reduce courthouse foot-traffic:

  • All visitors must wear protective face masks.
  • Markings display 6’ distancing.  These markings must be adhered to.
  • Court Security Officers will direct participants to specific locations within the courthouse and manage traffic flow to ensure courthouse capacity limitation adherence.
  • The Barberton Municipal Court will operate under Restricted Access on occasions where our safe distancing capacity has been met or exceeded.  Once the Court has reached such capacity and operates under Restricted Access protocol, the following will be adhered to: 
    • Only court proceeding participants will be permitted in the Court portion of the municipal building - essential parties only.
    • Scheduled participants will check in at building main entrance and, if unable to enter due to space restrictions, will be logged into the Court's Waitwhile application.  The Court will be informed participants are onsite and participants will be notified by text when space is available
    • The Court's mobile onsite Zoom kiosk will be enabled allowing participants to appear remotely within the building without entering the courtroom
    • Barberton Municipal Court traffic proceedings conducted under Restricted Accessoperations are streamed live via the Court's YouTube channel under "Barberton Municipal Court" or the below link: 
  • Notice of Option to Appear in Court via Zoom® Videoconferencing

    If you have been summonsed to appear in the Barberton Municipal Court, The Barberton Municipal Court utilizes Zoom® video conferencing for certain offenses allowing you to appear electronically through the Zoom® app on either your smartphone or computer with web camera and microphone between the 9:30am and 10:00am Monday through Friday.  At 9:30am on the date of your scheduled appearance, attend our Traffic Court by opening the Zoom® app, selecting “Join,” and entering the Court’s meeting ID:  293-008-4196 Upon entering the Court’s Zoom® meeting you will be held in a virtual waiting room until your case is called. Please be patient.


    • Select “Join with Video” and “Call using Internet Audio” when joining.  Enabled video is mandatory

    • Proper attire is required.  You are attending a public proceeding.

    • Please make every effort to minimize background distractions - your audio is heard in a public courtroom by those attending in person.

    • Please note:  The Court's Zoom Meeting Room is an open forum affording public access.  Guest are also welcome to observe the proceeding by entering the Barberton Municipal Court static Meeting ID above.  However, behavior deemed inappropriate will have user subject to removal from the Room.  As a participant, you acknowledge your appearance is both broadcast within the public courtroom and live streamed through the Court's live feed.

  • Payments may be made online. Individuals requesting a payment plan extension are asked to call 330-861-7191 for payment plan extensions.
  • Civil filings may be mailed to Diana Stevenson, Clerk of Court, with appropriate filing fee
  • Clerk of Courts, will accept motions on pending cases faxed to 330-848-6779