Public Safety


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Director of Public Safety

The Director of Public Safety is the Appointing Authority for the Police and Fire Departments and makes all necessary rules and regulations for the government of the Department of Public Safety. 

Dumpster Permits

If you are the property owner, or if you have the property owner's permission a Dumpster Permit is not needed for dumpster placed on your property. 

If the dumpster will be placed in the City of Barberton right-of-way you will need a Right of Way Permit, which can be obtained from the Building Department located on the first floor of the Municipal Building.

Examples of Right of Way: 

  • Tree Lawn or Devil Strip
  • Side Walk 
  • Street 
  • Alley 

Temporary Street Closure Permits

Temporary Street Closure Permits are permitted for the following types of events:

  • Graduation/Birthday Party
  • Neighborhood Block Party
  • Church or Non-Profit Event

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on City streets including within a designated area covered by a Temporary Street Closure Permit. 

A Temporary Street Closure Permit will not be issued for the following types of events and must be obtained in the Building Department. 

  • Repair work to driveway or driveway apron
  • Tree trimming or removal
  • Construction 

Magics Alerts

Find information about Barberton's emergency alert system.

Hazard Mitigation Plan

City of Barberton Hazard Mitigation Plan