Human Resources

Director of Human Resources Responsibilities

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the City's greatest asset, employees of the City of Barberton. The Director is responsible for functions relating to labor and employment relations, including negotiating collective bargaining agreements, answering grievances, conducting Joint Labor-Management Meetings, administering the corrective action process, and acting as the City's liaison to the Civil Service Commission.

Department of Human Resources 

The Department of Human Resources is committed to creating and sustaining a healthy, safe, productive workplace environment through objective, equitable policies, and procedures. 

Responsibilities include

  • Hiring Process
  • Administration of health care benefits 
  • Administration of the Bureau of Workers Compensation process
  • Compliance with federal, state and, local employment laws
  • Creating and updating the City of Barberton Employee Handbook
  • Updating the Non-Bargaining Policy 
  • Ensuring employee compliance with job-related licensing and certifications