Interested in what we are providing IN 2023? 

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Youth Programs, Camps & Sports

Learn more about youth programs, summer camps, youth events and more. 

Family Programs and Classes

Want to do things as a family and don't know what to do? check out some of our family programs and classes for you and your children to enjoy together. 

Adult Programs, Classes & Leagues

Adults like to have fun too! Check out our adult programs, classes and adult sports leagues we are offering this year!

Active Adults 

Did you know the Parks & Recreation Department also runs an Active Adult Center? Active Adult Programming is for members and non-members ages 50 and older. Want to know more? Check out our active adult page and the newsletter to see what's currently planned for this month!

Special Events

Want to attend some of the amazing special events and festivals in Barberton? Check out our special events page to see what's coming up! 

Travel Programs

Partnering with Costsaver, we are able to offer cross country and international travel destinations. The trip prices are all inclusive and open to the public! Check out where your next trip might be!!